EVO: Upgrade Your Apartment With These Blind Alternatives


Evo Apartments in St. Petersburg, Florida, is designed to impress. The apartments have fantastic panoramic views of the city’s skyline right from your balcony. The apartment interiors are very well furnished and include state-of-the-art amenities like lounges and fitness centers. You can also easily access restaurants and entertainment venues like The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Despite expert furnishing, you may still want to brighten your apartment for better apartment living. There are numerous DIY hacks you can use to furnish your apartment. Consider the following apartment upgrades:

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

There are various apartment must-haves to get before you start upgrading your apartment, including:

Chest of Drawers

If you are looking for dresser alternatives, consider a chest of drawers. A chest’s design can be taller and narrower, so it takes up much less space. You can utilize some Ikea hacks to make a dresser that particularly suits your space. The more organized your apartment, the brighter it will be.

Choosing the Perfect Window Covering: Tips from the Pros

Consider the following tips from the pros to choose the perfect window covering for excellent apartment therapy:

Light Control

You must consider light control when choosing the perfect window covers, such as blinds. The window covering will determine how you brighten your room. Determine how much light you want to come through your windows at different times of the day. Versatility is the key to light control.


Even though you want beautiful blinds with versatile light control, a room’s function is primary. Different rooms in your apartment serve different functions and will require varying lighting. Therefore, evaluate a room’s purpose to choose the perfect window covering.

Blinds for Better Apartment Living

A chest of drawers is a must-have dresser alternative. When choosing dresser alternatives, pros recommend you consider light control and function. Use these tips to brighten your apartment.

Stylish Bathroom Ideas for A Designer Aesthetic in the New Year


Evo Apartments is a luxury community in downtown St. Petersburg with breathtaking views of Florida’s Tampa Bay. Our spacious one, two, and three-bedroom apartments have a bit of an art deco mixed with post-modern flair. Many rooms have unique bronze and gold light fixtures, striped or patterned granite and marble counters, and pet-friendly ceramic tile floors. This includes the bathrooms, which are easily augmented and spruced with just a few simple changes in decor.

Picking A Color Scheme

You don’t have to paint your bathroom to make a striking aesthetic difference. Purchasing a shower curtain, bathmat, towels, and washcloths are one of the most straightforward budget-friendly DIY bathroom ideas. The floors and tile walls will already be in a neutral pale color. As a home decorator, your mission is to develop a color scheme that matches the urban flair of EVO’s downtown location. Renters could go with the fire engine reds and gold colors that suit St. Petersburg’s nightlife or the Aquas, beiges, and coral colors associated with oceanside apartment living.

Apartment-Friendly DIY Ideas

Renter-friendly apartment designs usually have a bit of space, so you can put a free-standing towel rack or even a plant in the corner of the bathroom to give the space a unique touch. Renter-friendly backsplashes include peel-off wallpaper, sticky tiles, and even the propping up of a decorative mirror behind the sink. You can also give your bathroom a cozy glow with budget-friendly electric candles or a jar of tiny LED lights.

Renter-Friendly Apartment Designs Matter

Your landlord will be impressed if you can avoid DIY projects that are too invasive. Sometimes you can change the entire look of a bathroom by changing the towel rack or the water faucets. Keep in mind that DIY bathroom ideas like this are best accomplished by a professional to avoid damaging the walls.

Spruce Up Your EVO Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

luxury home design with artwork on wall, couch in front with brown pillow, and a lamp

When shopping for a new apartment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different options available, especially with the current apartment trends. But when you find the right place, it can set you up for success.

Having a great apartment is essential because a lot of time will be spent in your apartment. Your apartment must be comfortable and safe for you and your family. It would be best if you had an apartment that could meet your needs and requirements like the Evo Apartments.

New Additions for a Brighter Space

You can spruce up your rental apartment by adding new additions for a brighter space. If you are unsure where to start, here are some of our renter-friendly hacks to make your living space stand out:

  • Add artwork—Choose art that inspires and reflects your personality. Get creative with peel-off wallpaper.
  • Update your lighting—New lighting fixtures can give your apartment a fresh feel while also helping to set the mood when entertaining guests or relaxing after work.
  • Choose furniture that compliments each other—Take time when selecting your pieces to work well together and create an inviting atmosphere in your home that will blend with the apartment’s new interior trends. Don’t forget about maximizing on the storage shelves.

Clean, Organized, and Unique

A clean space is more inviting than one that’s cluttered with clutter. If you have a lot of stuff, consider getting rid of it or storing it somewhere else temporarily so you can use the space more efficiently in the short term. You might also want to consider removing some furniture or decorations that aren’t working for you—or at least swapping out some pieces for others that will make the space feel different enough that it doesn’t feel like your old place anymore.

Keep Up With the Latest Apartment Trends

Evo Apartments is an excellent choice for those who want to live in St. Petersburg, Florida. The apartments are located near the city’s attractions and offer great amenities. Why not head out and enjoy some sun.

What’s so great about this city? Well, for starters, there’s the beautiful waterfront. You can watch boats on the bay or sit and relax on the beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go parasailing. And if that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for adventure (or water), you should check out Sunken Gardens.

Why ‘Cozycore’ Is a Design You Have To Try for the Winter Season at EVO Apartments


As you welcome new seasons, you might also want to reconfigure your home to suit your needs. For instance, your Evo apartment might require some tweaking and inexpensive purchases during fall and winter. The goal is to make your space as elegant with cozycore designs.

Adding sophisticated layers

Nothing beats the cold weather like a thought through layering. Whether it’s with clothes or your interior design inspiration.

Pillows and blankets

Blankets and pillows may have a significant impact. They can transform an apartment from lively warmer seasons to quiet fall and winter. Colors of luxurious fall home furnishings can be coordinated with your current design aesthetic or influenced by the environment. Most people use deep yellows, oranges, crimson, and brown to add to the festive atmosphere.

Lighting for a cozy Mood

An apartment without light can be gloomy and daunting to live in. However, with the cold that comes with winter, most people prefer to remain cooped up in the house and cut all access to the cold, which includes windows.

Start with the dark spots

Autumnal ambiance needs low lighting, flickering flames, and several lanterns. Candles and illumination are essential for establishing a comfortable fall atmosphere in your apartment. Think about dark areas and any places that may benefit from the brightness. Don’t overlook window frames for a light if you have curtains or blinds, a lantern may assist mellowing and provide character to the window area.

Redo your fireplace

toasty fireplace is one of everyone’s favorite winter experiences. You can create one in your living room with a wood burner for a natural rustic design or a gas installation that is more efficient. This upgrade does not have to cost you a pretty penny or make permanent changes to your apartment. Whenever you move, you can carry your wood-burning stove with you. You can easily transform your fireplace from a lovely but time-consuming feature into a viable heat source for your house.

Spruce up your apartment living space

Just because your apartment is rented does not mean you cannot make it feel like home. Give your living space some love and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. All you need is a bunch of colorful fabrics and some candles.

Elevate Your Home With These Dresser Alternatives


As an apartment dweller, you know that space is as limited as it is at the market. One of the most essential pieces of furniture in any bedroom is the dresser, but it can be difficult to find one that fits your space and style. That’s why it’s time to think outside the box and explore some alternative options for storing your clothes and accessories.

Before You Start: Must-Have Items

Before you start looking for dresser alternatives, there are a few must-have items that you’ll need to make the most of your space. First, you’ll need some storage bins or baskets to keep your clothes and accessories organized. Next, you’ll need some sturdy stand-alone shelves to hold your bins.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tips from the Pros

One of the best tips from the pros is to choose a spot that is both functional and stylish. For example, use a small corner to create a mini-closet. You could also use a space under your bed to store your bins and baskets, or even use the back of your door to hang your clothes and accessories.

In addition to these tips, there are plenty of DIY hacks and Ikea hacks that you can use to elevate your home and make the most of your space. You could use some bright and colorful fabrics to make your own storage bins, or even make your own hanging clothes rack out of PVC pipe or copper tubing.

Enjoying a little Apartment Therapy

Overall, there are plenty of ways to elevate your home and make the most of your space with dresser alternatives. By using some of the latest trends, you can create a functional and stylish space that will help you keep your clothes and accessories organized. So get creative and start exploring some alternative options for storing your clothes today!

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide


With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to think about what gift to get for your loved ones. Thankfully, this blog post will provide you with a whole list of ideas. These gifts range from expensive to inexpensive, so there should be something for everyone on this list. Enjoy the festive season at your Evo home.

Holiday Gift For Your Loved Ones

No matter what your loved ones are into, here you have the perfect holiday gift idea for them! For the fashionista in your life, consider a luxurious scarf or pair of gloves. For the homebody, cozy pajamas or scented candles are sure to please. Gamers will go wild for the latest release, and music lovers will appreciate a new album from their favorite artist. Whatever you choose, make it something that your loved one will truly love and appreciate. More ideas include plants, eg flowers, and tech gift ideas may include a reader, AirPods or a Nintendo.

Apartment-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves their apartment, look no further! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite apartment-friendly gift ideas that are sure to make their space feel even more like home. From cozy throws and scented candles to wall art and plant pots, there’s something for everyone on your list. And the best part? These gifts can all be found online, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your holiday shopping today with this apartment-friendly gift guide! You can also DIY gifts as they have a more personal touch to them.

Enjoy Your Holiday Gifts at Your Evo Home

There is nothing that makes the festive season better than gifts. Everyone loves gifts. Just be sure to stay budget friendly as it is the thought that counts at the end of the day. Hurry to the store and complete your holiday wishlist while you still have fun. Enjoy!

Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Baked Desserts!


Evo Apartments offer the best apartment living in downtown St. Petersburg with the best panoramic view of Tampa Bay’s skyline. Live in the heart of the city with easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural facilities and events. You are close to lush green spaces like William’s Park. You should let your loved ones enjoy the view from your apartment this holiday season. Put up Christmas decorations, make holiday desserts and play fun indoor games with loved ones. Try the following apartment winter trends to have a festive time with loved ones this year:

Staying Indoors: Games and Desserts

During the harsh, cold months of winter, you can still find plenty of things to do to enjoy your holiday season. There are plenty of fun indoor games that are themed around the holidays, or you can play traditional card games and board games, like Monopoly and Uno. The winter months are also the perfect time to bake and share your favorite holiday desserts while everyone hangs out in their cozycore environment for the season.

Celebrating New Year’s

The winter season marks the end of one year and the start of another year, which means New Year´s celebrations. To get ready for all the festivities, you can find plenty of apartment winter trends and holiday decorations. Christmas decorations and New Year´s decorations create a cozy atmosphere, but also bring on warm, party vibes. It´s that time of year to share your holiday desserts and favorite fun indoor games with your friends and family to pass the time and celebrate.

Holiday Decoration

There are limitless ways to decorate your home for the holidays. For those who are more religious, Christmas decorations are pretty common. Your gold quartz countertops will fit in perfectly with any silver and blue decorations used to decorate your cozycore home. Get ready to bring in the new year in style!