Non-Toxic Flowers and Plants Perfect For A Pet-Friendly Home


Creating a beautiful and safe living environment for you and your pets is essential, especially when renting an apartment. We understand the importance of a pet-friendly space at EVO Apartments, St. Petersburg, FL. Whether you’re sprucing up the look of your home with vibrant flowers or lush greenery, choosing non-toxic options that won’t harm your furry friends is crucial.

Pet-Friendly Summer

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your apartment with vibrant greenery and beautiful blooms. However, as a guest, it’s important to make choices that don’t involve permanent alterations to your apartment. Instead of drilling holes for hanging plants or making structural changes, opt for stylish plant stands, window boxes, or decorative pots.

One of the best aspects of apartment living at EVO is the community’s proximity to pet-friendly parks like William’s Park. Taking your pet for a stroll here provides them with exercise and gives you inspiration for incorporating nature into your home.

Finding the Perfect Plants and Bouquets

When choosing plants and flowers, consider your pets’ safety. Some common household plants can be toxic to animals, so selecting non-toxic varieties is key. Here are some pet-safe options:

  • Spider Plants – These hardy plants thrive in indirect sunlight and are non-toxic to dogs and cats. They also help purify the air.
  • African Violets – These colorful blooms Infuse a burst of color into your apartment without posing a risk to your furry friends.

For more ideas on non-toxic plants, check out ASPCA’s list of pet-friendly plants and expert advice

For flower arrangements. Consider creating small, portable gardens that can easily move around your apartment for optimal sunlight.

Enhancing Your Apartment Living with Pet-Safe Plants

Adding non-toxic flowers and plants into your apartment enhances the aesthetic appeal and ensures a secure environment for your pets. By making thoughtful choices, you can enjoy the beauty of nature indoors without compromising your pets’ health. A pet-friendly home is a happy home. You and your furry friends can enjoy a safe, beautiful, and harmonious living space at EVO.

Creating the Perfect Coffee Station


The best part of apartment living is being able to customize things and make the space your own. EVO is a woman cozy place that’s just waiting for your touch. With compiled some creative ideas for a nice coffee station within your EVO apartment.

Creating a Cozy Nook

Choose a spot that feels right for you—near a window for natural light, in a corner of your kitchen, or even in your living room. The key is to make it cozy and accessible without requiring any permanent adjustments to your apartment.

A small table or a stylish bar cart can serve as the foundation for your coffee nook. Add a comfortable chair or a small stool if you have the space, creating a little area where you can sit and enjoy your breakfast.

Must-Have Coffee Station Items

Creating a coffee station is all about the perfect combination of the right location as well as the right tools and equipment. Below are some must have for a coffee station:

1. Coffee Maker- Whether you prefer a classic drip coffee maker, a single-serve pod machine, or a French press, having your preferred brewing method on hand is essential.

2. Coffee Beans and Storage – Fresh coffee beans are crucial for a great cup of coffee.

3. Mugs and Accessories- A selection of your favorite mugs, a spoon rest, and a few fun accessories like a frother or flavored syrups can elevate your coffee experience.

4. Storage Solutions – Use stylish baskets or trays to keep everything organized. Wall-mounted shelves can be a great way to save counter space and keep everything within easy reach without damaging your walls.

Apartment Living and Coffee Bliss

Apartments living is a blast we are here to prove that to you. Take out tips and tricks and have fun with them add your little spark to them and make them your own. Best of all make the most out of a apartment living.

How to Revamp Your Outdoor Space


Summer is upon us at the Evo Apartments in Downtown St. Petersburg. This location provides endless activities to undertake. Whether it’s taking an afternoon nap in the modern apartments, relaxing on the balcony watching the elegant Tampa Bay, inviting people to fire pit parties, enjoying shared meals with friends, shopping, or enjoying exquisite dining, St. Pete’s has got it all.

Now that you’re live at the Evo, what apartment trends are you planning to embrace this summer? If unsure, here are some ideas.

Outdoor Decor for the Summer

Choose unique outdoor decorations that make your home stand out and scream summer is upon us. Some ideas include:

  • Arranging a living plant wall to refresh the overall outdoor look.
  • Mixing and matching outdoor chairs to produce a color palette that portrays the summer mood.
  • Creating a conversational space that integrates two sofas positioned across each other.
  • Stringing the lights to make the outdoors cozy and welcoming.
  • Setting the table using intuitive glassware and unique flowers to elevate the mood of the outdoors.
  • If you’ve got enough space, setting up artificial grass between the pavers never disappoints.

Remember, if you embrace apartment living you should avoid making damaging or permanent adjustments.

Finding your Aesthetic

The most important aspect of decorating your apartment is choosing a look that speaks to you. After all, you’re the one who will be spending most time in these spaces. Plus, home décor can say much about someone’s personality.

When choosing add-ins to include in your apartment, go for decors that appeal to the eyes. They need not be something expensive but should be welcoming, comfy, and unique. For the bedroom, choose something that is soothing and will help you fall asleep well and fast.

Outdoor Decorations with a Difference

Upgrading your home with modern apartment trends need not cost an arm and leg. By following the above insights, you’ll be a step closer to attaining elegant and functional indoors and outdoors. And at Evo, you’ve got a home away from home.

Enjoying the Amenities In the Upcoming Warmer Season

upscale, resort like pool.

As the weather gets warmer, it presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the amenities Evo and St. Pete have to offer. Apartment living doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun and relaxation. The latest apartment trends mean there’s plenty to enjoy and plenty of ways to enjoy it.

Basking In The Sun

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the sunshine is to let it into your space by keeping curtains or blinds open in the floor-to-ceiling windows or even by opening windows to take in some fresh air, whether you’re brightening up your day working from home or want to enjoy a cool evening breeze as you watch a movie.

You can also enjoy the fresh air on your private open-air balcony with a comfortable set of chairs, whether you want to work from home outdoors or enjoy your favorite book in the open air with panoramic views of St. Pete and Tampa Bay.

Cool off on a hot day in the spacious pool, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the poolside bar. Relax in a cabana or enjoy dinner with friends at a barbeque grill or outdoor dining and lounge areas, as well as the outdoor game lawn. Or warm up when it’s cool in a hot tub or alongside a fire pit.

Revel In Community

Take advantage of Evo’s location by enjoying nearby shopping and dining, all within walking distance.

Mingle with your fellow residents at the rooftop residents’ club, with plenty to enjoy, including a wet bar, large screen TVs, billiards and sports lounge, or meet fellow animal lovers at the dog park.

Evo and St. Pete have plenty of amenities to enjoy in the warmer weather. Apartment living provides plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind. Make the most of the latest apartment trends and all they have to offer when it comes to relaxation and being part of a community.

DIY Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Apartment


Apartment decor is crucial if you want to make your home stunning. There are many ways of making your rental space beautiful, such as creating a theme you love. Evo apartments have panoramic scenery, coworking spaces, a rooftop terrace, and private balconies for better apartment living.

The interior spaces of the rental homes are bright and spacious. You can add your DIY décor to match your taste and preferences. Here are some apartment trends and DIY aesthetics for your interior décor.

DIY Mirrors, Decor, Oh My!

You can use DIY mirror décor in your home to make your space more stylish and functional. The process requires a creative eye to ensure the mirrors are attractive to get that eclectic look.

You can use mirrors of different sizes, shapes, and color frames to ensure they match with the gold quartz countertops, dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, walk-in closets, and smart home devices. Stick mirrors of diverse shapes artistically on the wall.

Cut the mirrors uniquely, such as circles, squares, rectangles, and pyramids, and stick them strategically to get the oomph factor. Mirror DIY décor can make your bedroom, living room, and bathroom appear larger and more stunning.

Budget-Friendly Designer Looks

Being creative is one of the most vital aspects of designer trends. Apartment trends that include adding mirror décor of diverse shapes and sizes can give that cost-effective designer look. Having budget-friendly lighting fixtures that match your carpets, floor, wall color, and other furnishings is also a way to add curb appeal to your rental space.

Affordable lighting, such as floor lamps, chandeliers, and table lamps, can be stylish in a room. Another addition to use as a DIY aesthetic is timeless pieces to make your home classier.

DIY Apartment Trends for Your Home

DIY décor in dining rooms, bathrooms, private balconies, and the living area can make your home stunning. The creative interior décor uses diverse designer trends, such as installing mirrors, and creates a clean, neat, and beautiful apartment living. Including DIY aesthetics such as plants can also bring out the designer look.

Keeping Your Home Extra Tidy This Year


Maintaining tidiness in homes is a practice that comes with many benefits. It improves apartment living through better sleep, more productivity, less stress, and improved mental health. With tidy lounges, homes, and fitness spaces, Evo creates a comfortable and clean space for tenants.

The one- to three-bedroom homes are neat and organized, which makes them look clean and tidy. Below are some apartment trends that you can use to keep your home tidy throughout.

Reorganize your Living Spaces

You can reorganize your home using Feng Shui ideas that create a balance between you and your surroundings. Arrange your bed, furniture, stove, and desk far from the door. Keep passages and hallways clear of things to make the rooms tidy to improve mental health and reduce stress.

Use the walk-in closets, cabinets, and drawers to organize your clothes, shoes, and other things. The organization in your home should make your apartment living simple and classy by creating enough extra space.

Decluttering Your Home

Planning is crucial for creating more space in your home by removing junk items. The process starts when you can separate things that have less value to you from those that matter. Fung Shui gives several tips to help declutter a home by removing unnecessary items you rarely use.

You can clear flat surfaces such as plank floors, kitchen islands, and countertops to declutter your rooms for more space. Having built-in furniture and appliances also helps create space in your home for that classy and simple look. Decluttering should be a regular process to maintain tidiness.

Embrace Tidy Living through Organization

Several apartment trends, such as built-in cabinets, walk-in closets, cabinets, and built-in dishwashers and shower niches, can make your home tidy as you organize things.

You can also use the storage rooms in the rentals to keep items you rarely use as you decide whether to donate or sell them. Making your living space is vital for a healthy apartment living experience.

Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks You Must Know


Spring 2024 is finally here, and the winter snow and slush have thawed, giving way to grass and more ground cover. This means it’s time to prepare your spring home garden and revitalize your lawns and gardens. At EVO, we encourage our residents to keep their surroundings clean and welcoming. You can keep houseplants, customize the backyard, or tweak the interior décor. Our team will take care of the outdoor gardening for you, and here are some of the best home gardening spring apartment trends we keep in mind:

Garden Must Do’s

If you have a home garden, spring is the perfect time to prepare for the late blooms that will characterize your space. There are many things to do, from cleaning weeds, dead leaves, and fallen branches to clearing the bird feeders, pruning shrubs and trees, and starting a compost pile. You should also replenish your soil with organic fertilizer, plant flowers and vegetables, fill gaps/patches, and tend your lawn. Prepare your garden tools and lawn mower, and get to work. One of the advantages of apartment living is that you don’t have to get your hands dirty with gardening work. We’ll take care of everything. Simply restock your houseplants with colorful spring varieties, and you’ll be good.

Spring Garden & Care

Preparing and maintaining a spring garden should be easy once you know what to do. Start by inspecting every level (top, middle, and lower) of your land. This includes checking the trees and shrubs and paying attention to limbs and high-risk trees with cracked branches, pests, and diseases. Remove last year’s foliage and add it to your compost pile. Don’t forget the hardscape areas like fences, pathways, and steps, which may have been impacted by freezing and thawing. Prepare new beds, plant from bare roots, fertilize your garden, and add mulch. Fortunately, our apartment living gardening team will handle all these aspects at EVO. You can also consider spring container garden ideas to spruce up your lawn.

Enjoy the Best Spring Apartment Living at EVO Apartments in St Petersburgh

EVO offers spacious apartments with access to all the modern amenities and conveniences. We’re located in the indulgent city high-rise with dining, shopping, entertainment hubs, and cultural events right outside. Come enjoy the panoramic scenery of the downtown St. Petersburg skyline and water views directly from your private balcony. We have a stunning two-story lobby, large pool deck with a poolside bar, barbeque grills, lounging areas, outdoor dining, cabanas, yoga and gaming lawn, fire pit, a rooftop residents club, a fitness center, a spa, and many more. Top relaxation hubs like the leafy and lush William’s Park and the spectacular St. Pete Pier are nearby.

Spring Cocktails We Are Loving


It’s getting warmer, indicating winter is on the way out, and spring is upon us. Apart from life at EVO bringing you face-to-face with vibrant St. Pete, exquisite restaurants, and many more intricacies of life, you can never be too busy to enjoy a refreshing cold spring cocktail. Just imagine it, embracing apartment living in your trendy EVO apartment, sitting down on the couch with legs stretched on the table, and enjoying a cold cocktail—a few things beat this experience. And making an outstanding spring cocktail is not a complicated undertaking. Here are some DIY cocktails to consider.

Yummy Drinks, Mocktails, and More

What could beat the feeling of enjoying a spring cocktail with St. Pete’s tropical weather? Very few things. Making a cocktail does not need to be a complicated undertaking. Some of the spring cocktails that you may want to try out include but are not limited to:

  • Gin fashioned– It entails a blend of simple syrup, sparkling soda, beehive reserve gin, and orange bitters that brings out an original twist.
  • Jackson Mule– A unique cocktail integrating high-water vodka, ginger beer, and huckleberry, served on rocks.
  • White sangria– Entails festive wine alternative created by mixing orange, soda, rum, white wine, and Giffard Peche de Vigne.

Getting Ready for the Season

Being happy in life doesn’t always mean to be very rich or having access to finer things in life. You can just start by making delicious cocktails and inviting your friends over for drinks. If you don’t drink alcohol, there many non-alcoholic options out there. You can achieve happiness by combining a fruit here and a soda there.

EVO Homes Integrating All Modern Apartment Trends

Are you in love with class? EVO apartments have all the intricacies you may need. The rooms are spacious and customized to suit a variety of taste and preferences. Together with a vibrant and friendly community with exotic and local restaurants, apartment living has never felt better.

Spring Decor Trends We Are Excited to See in 2024


As the frost thaws and flowers bloom, now’s the perfect time to refresh your apartment living space with the latest spring décor. Get creative with your home goods as you try different apartment trends that breathe new life into your home.

EVO sets the standard for apartment living as a place where you can create memories and have the time of your life. And it gets better with these exciting spring décor trends.

Adding More Color and Pastels

One trend you cannot overlook is the interior design, as you try neutral color palettes and pastel tones that go with your furniture. You can always try adding colorful accent pillows and artwork to inject warmth and personality into your living space.

Pastel-colored curtains and rags will instantly brighten up any room without looking too invasive. These soft tones can promote comfort, coziness and a calm, elevated feeling as you prep your apartment for spring.

Designer Finishes on a Budget

Decorating your apartment on a budget can seem tough, especially if you’re just starting out. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little creativity and experimenting, you can decorate your living space on a budget and make it bring out your personality. It’s really so exciting. These designer finishes will bring life into your home this spring.

  • Hang Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper
  • Add Warm Metallic Accents
  • Decorate with Botanicals
  • Add Vintage Accents
  • Swap Art for a Wall Hanging

EVO is home to world-famous museums, film festivals and parks that can help inspire your spring décor ideas. Mainsail Arts Festival and William’s Park are just a few destinations that can provide endless local activities and fun opportunities as you think of new decoration ideas for your apartment.

Elevate Your Spring Décor With These Apartment Trends

There’s no better time to refresh your apartment living space. With these designer trends, you will happily embrace the arrival of spring! Incorporating vibrant colors, pastel hues, and budget-friendly finishes is a sure way to transform any apartment space into a stylish oasis that reflects your unique personality and style.

Finding The Perfect Sheets This Spring


As spring breathes new life into the world, it’s the perfect time to refresh your apartment living space, starting with the bedroom. Elevate your bedroom atmosphere with the perfect sheets that not only align with the latest apartment trends but also ensure a comfortable and stylish retreat. At Evo St. Petersburg, where contemporary living meets sophistication, finding the perfect sheets is a key element in curating an exceptional home environment. Let’s explore how you can discover the ideal sheets for a serene and stylish bedroom this spring.

Cooling & Hypoallergenic Bedsheets

Embrace the changing seasons with cooling and hypoallergenic bedsheets that redefine comfort. Opt for sheets made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, promoting a cooler sleep environment – perfect for the upcoming warmer days. These materials not only add a touch of luxury to your bed but also contribute to a hypoallergenic atmosphere, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest at Evo St. Petersburg.

Investing in high-quality sheets with moisture-wicking properties helps regulate body temperature, providing a fresh and comfortable sleep surface. Evo St. Petersburg understands the importance of staying ahead in apartment trends, and incorporating cooling and hypoallergenic bedsheets enhances the optimal bedroom environment residents deserve.

The Comfiest Atmosphere

Create the comfiest atmosphere in your bedroom by selecting sheets that blend style with softness. Choose a color palette that complements your Evo St. Petersburg apartment’s aesthetic, adding a personalized touch to your space. Experiment with textures and patterns to infuse your bedroom with elegance.

At Evo St. Petersburg, where we encourage residents to make their living spaces uniquely their own, discovering the comfiest atmosphere involves choosing sheets that cater to personal preferences. Explore different materials that strike the perfect balance between softness and durability, from Egyptian cotton to bamboo blends.


Finding the perfect sheets this spring at Evo St. Petersburg is about embracing comfort, style, and the evolving trends of apartment living. Elevate your bedroom atmosphere with cooling, hypoallergenic sheets that contribute to the comfiest retreat within your Evo St. Petersburg residence.