How to Revamp Your Outdoor Space


Summer is upon us at the Evo Apartments in Downtown St. Petersburg. This location provides endless activities to undertake. Whether it’s taking an afternoon nap in the modern apartments, relaxing on the balcony watching the elegant Tampa Bay, inviting people to fire pit parties, enjoying shared meals with friends, shopping, or enjoying exquisite dining, St. Pete’s has got it all.

Now that you’re live at the Evo, what apartment trends are you planning to embrace this summer? If unsure, here are some ideas.

Outdoor Decor for the Summer

Choose unique outdoor decorations that make your home stand out and scream summer is upon us. Some ideas include:

  • Arranging a living plant wall to refresh the overall outdoor look.
  • Mixing and matching outdoor chairs to produce a color palette that portrays the summer mood.
  • Creating a conversational space that integrates two sofas positioned across each other.
  • Stringing the lights to make the outdoors cozy and welcoming.
  • Setting the table using intuitive glassware and unique flowers to elevate the mood of the outdoors.
  • If you’ve got enough space, setting up artificial grass between the pavers never disappoints.

Remember, if you embrace apartment living you should avoid making damaging or permanent adjustments.

Finding your Aesthetic

The most important aspect of decorating your apartment is choosing a look that speaks to you. After all, you’re the one who will be spending most time in these spaces. Plus, home décor can say much about someone’s personality.

When choosing add-ins to include in your apartment, go for decors that appeal to the eyes. They need not be something expensive but should be welcoming, comfy, and unique. For the bedroom, choose something that is soothing and will help you fall asleep well and fast.

Outdoor Decorations with a Difference

Upgrading your home with modern apartment trends need not cost an arm and leg. By following the above insights, you’ll be a step closer to attaining elegant and functional indoors and outdoors. And at Evo, you’ve got a home away from home.